19th Dec 2015
Day at the Aquarium-08

Day at the Aquarium

It can be quite a challenge to get a great photo in such a dark environment as an aquarium, but I think this one counts!

07th Jul 2015

Why “cloud” services are a bad idea…

Rant time: Many of us use cloud services alot. Personally I’ve shied away from most, save one: the Eye-fi premium online┬áservice. For those not familiar, the company Eye-fi created SD...

30th Mar 2015

The Fun With Drones!

After having “experienced” the coldest February on record, I have come out of my hibernation and started to work on more fun things. With that said, here’s a story from...

11th Jan 2015

The Beauty of Lines

Sometimes photography can take you in new creative directions. Recently, in my hobby side of work, I’ve been focusing on some of the elements of photography that my professional work...