Sunset Sillouette Butterfly Iguana Sunset Panorama
01st Jan 2015

The Benefits of Winter

Up here in the great white north this winter holiday weather has been at best “confusing”. We saw double digits (60s in F) for Christmas, and now we’re in the...

28th May 2014

Beware Cheap Memory Cards

Walking through my local Target recently I saw a 32GB micro SD Card on clearance for $15! Obviously I would never trust a card this cheap for anything critical, but...

28th May 2014

2014 Victoria Day Fireworks Show

Some of you might be surprised to know that I don’t spend every waking hour immersed in the world of photography… As with most people, I’ve always loved fireworks. Going...

06th May 2014
Shot on Kodak T-Max 400 (35 mm Gelatin Silver)

A Long Winter…

As many in the the northeast portion of North America can attest, it’s been a long and brutal winter. All indications are it’s finally broken, but who knows, we might...