Sunset Sillouette Butterfly Iguana Sunset Panorama
30th Apr 2014

Sometimes you just stumble on a shot…

Was on my way to the local Costco and while I was making a left turn I noticed a perfect combination of sky, clouds and fields. My wife thought I...

20th Apr 2014

All About Pets Show 2014

For the past few years my wife and I have attended the local “All About Pets” show. We go mostly to see the various dogs that the breeders bring. But...

04th Apr 2014
Screenshot from 2014-04-04 11:51:42

Cat Fight, from a cat’s POV

Not exactly the most photography related, but interesting anyways. Anybody who owns a cat is aware that cat fights can be quite intense. It’s rare that they get injured, but...

11th Mar 2014

Pinhole Heaven.. In Colour!

The winter “blahs” have kept me away from shooting any colour film. What’s the point if everything is a shade of grey… But, with it warming up (slightly), and a...