Sunset Sillouette Butterfly Iguana Sunset Panorama
08th Mar 2014

Rant: Don’t Make Stealing Easier Then Paying!

While this rant isn’t 100% photography related, it has bearing for anyone that creates content. Rant begin: Why do media companies make things harder on paying customers then ones who...

06th Mar 2014

Entering the analog world: Developing your own film, Part 3!

So, it’s been a fun winter from the photography front! I’ve now started experimenting with different film types and speeds, to get a feel of what kind of film meshes...

27th Feb 2014

Amazing video of the moon and Saturn

Saw this video mentioned on the website, amazing! Moon Saturn Occultation – 22 Feb 2014 from Colin Legg on Vimeo.

18th Feb 2014

Pinhole Heaven!

Sorry for the lack of posts, it’s been a very busy few weeks. For anybody interested in learning more about how photography got started, a quick and easy way to...